Corporate & Business/Feb 18, 2019

Nicolas M. Morano, Accomplished Real Estate Attorney, Joins GGTM Law

Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy (“GGTM”) welcomes Nicolas M. Morano, who recently joined the growing ranks of experienced attorneys at GGTM. Nic has more than a decade of experience in counseling businesses and entrepreneurs in complex real estate and corporate matters. As a Mona Shores High School graduate, Nic is excited to transition his practice ... Read More
Corporate & Business/May 6, 2016

GGTM Welcomes Real Estate and Business Lawyer J. Scott Timmer To Its Team

Scott Timmer has joined Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy (“GGTM”), adding strength to the firm’s growing legal team. Timmer is the seventh attorney to join GGTM, bringing with him more than 35 years’ experience in the practice of real estate and business law. Timmer is a recognized expert in the area of real estate, having ... Read More
Environmental/Feb 13, 2015

Ottawa County Awarded $400,000 in Brownfield Grant Funds

Ottawa County was recently awarded $400,000 in grant funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The monies are to be utilized for conducting environmental assessments at prospective Brownfield sites. Brownfields are properties where the expansion, redevelopment or reuse of the properties may be complicated by the presence of hazardous substances and/or petroleum products. The ... Read More
Estate Planning/Probate/Oct 15, 2014

Governor Approves Bill To Prevent Further Uncapping Of Property Taxes

Governor Snyder has approved a bill that will increase the allowable exceptions to uncapping the taxable value for property transfers under MCL 211.27a. Public Act 310 of 2014, which goes into effect December 31, 2014, will allow certain transfers of real property to and from a trust without uncapping the taxable value. This latest amendment ... Read More
Real Estate/Jan 9, 2013

Part Performance/Statute of Frauds

Michigan requires that agreements for the sale of land be in writing and signed by the seller.  Michigan’s statute of frauds contains this rule.  The purpose of the statute of frauds is to prevent parties from disputing the terms and conditions of oral contracts pertaining to the sale of lands.  Michigan statute of frauds is ... Read More
Corporate & Business/Aug 16, 2012

Equitable Subrogation Lives On

The world of equitable subrogation in the context of mortgage refinancing was turned on its head when the Michigan Court of Appeals decided Ameriquest Mtg Co v Alton, 273 Mich App 84 (2006).  Since that time, in 2008, Michigan’s recording statute was amended.  Thereafter, the Michigan Court of Appeals revisited the doctrine of equitable subrogation ... Read More
Real Estate/Jul 23, 2012

Unjust Enrichment Argument in Construction Lien Suit

An unpaid material supplier raised an interesting argument in an attempt to get paid from the mortgage company in a construction lien lawsuit.  In Arlington Transit Mix v MGA Homes, unpublished Michigan Court of Appeals decision dated June 26, 2012 (Docket No. 295530), a homeowner utilized a construction loan from Countrywide Home Loans to build a ... Read More
Firm News/Apr 18, 2012

Careful Review of Local Ordinance Leads to Recent Cell Tower Victory

When a major telecommunications company targets a particular property or location for a new cell tower, to the local citizens and residents impacted by the tower, it can seem like a foregone conclusion that they will have to simply suck it up and bear the loss of property value and live in the shadow of ... Read More