When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This wise old adage, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, is never more appropriate than when it’s applied to the endeavor of starting a business. Building a strong and sustainable business requires more than just a great idea; it requires a sound plan and proper organization. Unfortunately, too many business owners find out too late that organizing a business takes much more than simply choosing an entity, filling out the appropriate forms, and filing papers with the state.

Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy’s experienced business attorneys have assisted in the successful startup of many booming businesses. With us, you’ll work with a local expert Muskegon attorney, who not only understands the organization process, but who also understands the integral connection between choosing the right entity and future success. We ask the right questions to understand your business vision and then counsel you on the best organizational fit for your vision. Drafting your business’s organizational documents is only one small piece of what we offer. We can give you a total plan to minimize your risk of failure.