Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy’s environmental team has been extensively involved in the practice of environmental law at the federal and state levels since the 1980s. Our client base ranges in size from small family-owned businesses to large companies with multi-state environmental concerns. Our lawyers have represented manufacturers, developers, transporters, and land owners in the Muskegon area, throughout the state of Michigan, and nationally. We bring a depth and range of experience to our clients’ concerns, which enables us to represent our clients on a far more efficient and cost-effective basis than would otherwise be possible.

We strive for practical, common sense solutions to environmental problems. GGTM lawyers believe our clients’ interests are best served by negotiation with and education of agency personnel. However, we do not hesitate to object to and, if necessary, vigorously challenge arbitrary agency or citizen group positions that go beyond responsible regulation.

We believe in being proactive in resolving potential environmental issues and liabilities before they become significant obstacles for our clients. GGTM lawyers regularly assist our clients in planning for and responding to the frequent changes in environmental laws and regulations. Our highly qualified Muskegon law firm is available to provide day-to-day advisory services to individual plants and corporate management and legal staffs with on-going environmental compliance matters.