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Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy is a boutique law firm concentrating its practice on the representation of businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs.
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At Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy, we combine our expertise with the most efficient technology, systems and staffing models to deliver timely and quality legal services at an affordable price.
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Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy covers all facets of the law, with each attorney offering a unique perspective along with broad experience.

At Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy, we do things a little differently.

Our members have varied backgrounds and specialties, but share a common vision for the practice of law. We believe that the traditional law firm model is broken. Today’s modern law firm must deliver rapid, relevant assistance without breaking the budget. That is why we borrowed from the manufacturing “lean” model and established our firm with a commitment to deliver outstanding legal service with reduced cost at the provider level. Our rates are, on average, much lower than the rates of our counterparts in larger law firms. And in light of our cost structure, we can be creative with our billing models.

Recent News

Non-Competes Between Commercial Ventures to be Assessed Under Rule of Reason
Posted on July 18, 2016
In Innovation Ventures v Liquid Manufacturing, LLC, Michigan Supreme Court Docket No. 150591 (decided July 14, 2016), the Michigan Supreme Court considered whether the validity of a covenant not to compete should be determined by looking at the factors provided in MCL 445.774a or by using the “rule of reason” analysis. MCL 445.774a sets forth factors for a court to consider in analyzing covenants not to compete in an employer-employee context. The covenant not to compete considered in this case, however, was in a written agreement between two businesses. The statutory factors include the following: (1) duration of the... MORE
EPA Approves MI Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund as a Financial Responsibility Mechanism
Posted on June 14, 2016
On May 27, 2016, Region 5 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Michigan’s Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund (the Fund) as an acceptable partial coverage financial responsibility mechanism for owners and operators (O/O) of USTs within the State of Michigan. After payment of a deductible ($50,000, unless the O/O owns fewer than 8 USTs and pays $500/UST to buy down the deductible to $15,000) the Fund covers corrective action and compensation of third parties for bodily injury and property damage caused by accidental releases from covered USTs. To review a copy of EPA’s approval letter, click here: MORE
President Obama Signs Federal Act To Protect Trade Secrets
Posted on May 23, 2016
On May 11, 2016, the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (“DTSA”) was signed into law by President Obama. DTSA, which amends 18 USC 1836, creates a new federal civil cause of action that will allow businesses to obtain damages and injunctive relief and to recover attorney’s fees for misappropriation of trade secrets. Prior to the enactment of DTSA, a company in Michigan could only seek protection of its trade secrets through Michigan’s Uniform Trade Secret Act (“MUTSA”). The federal counterpart to MUTSA applies if the misappropriated trade secret “is used in, or intended for use in, interstate or... MORE
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