General News/Mar 3, 2016

A Door of a Different Color: Appeals Court holds that condominium association is responsible for painting exterior door of condominium unit

When a condominium association appealed a circuit court order, claiming that a condominium unit owner – not the association – was responsible to repaint the owner’s front door, the Court of Appeals held that the alleged responsibility to repaint was a horse (or perhaps a door) of a different color. Mt Vernon Park Ass’n v ... Read More
General News/Jun 30, 2015

5 Things Every Business Owner Must Know To Minimize The Fallout From Cyber Attack

An alarming number of cyber attacks have been reported recently. And the number continues to grow. Such attacks are not a threat only to large corporations. In fact, small businesses are more likely than large corporations to suffer cyber attacks because they are more vulnerable and less likely to have proper protections in place. No ... Read More