Corporate & Business/Feb 17, 2015

State Bar Survey Confirms GGTM Is Exceptional Value For Clients

The State Bar of Michigan (SBM) recently published statistical information that confirms what the attorneys at Gielow Groom Terpstra & McEvoy (GGTM) have known since the firm’s inception: Efficiency results in savings to clients!

According to the SBM’s 2014 Economics of Law Practice Report, GGTM’s hourly rates are under both the mean (or average) and median rates charged by attorneys across the state, including rates charged by firms of comparative size and by attorneys who have been practicing for a comparable number of years. The most dramatic difference, however, between GGTM’s hourly rates and those charged by other firms is in specific practice areas. For example, rates charged by highly experienced GGTM attorneys in the areas of Real Estate, Business Planning, Environmental Law and Litigation are well below the mean and median rates in these same practice areas charged throughout the state by other attorneys (many with less experience). Additionally, GGTM’s rates for the practice area of Probate and Estate Planning are significantly lower than other firms.

While the SBM’s statistics verify the value of services provided by GGTM attorneys, the findings are of no surprise. Abandoning adherence to the traditional business model used by many law firms, GGTM uses a lean business model approach. At a time when many smaller firms are merging or affiliating with larger metropolitan law firms and adopting big firm billing rates, GGTM is committed to its business-management philosophy, focusing on high-quality representation in conjunction with efficient business practices. As a result, GGTM attorneys are accessible to their clients and are able to deliver timely and effective legal services at rates significantly lower than other law firms in the region.

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