A Class V well is a type of underground injection control (UIC) well which is used to allow non-hazardous fluids to discharge below ground.  Most Class V wells are shallow disposal systems that utilize gravity to drain fluids into the ground, which if not managed properly can pose a threat to groundwater quality.  There are more than 20 different kinds of Class V wells, such as storm water drainage wells, cesspools, septic system leach fields, and motor vehicle waste disposal wells.

A motor vehicle waste disposal well is a shallow disposal system that receives fluids from vehicle service repair or maintenance activities at car dealers, auto body shops, automotive service stations, and transmission repair shops, etc.  Typically, these “disposal systems” are floor drains or sinks in the service bays that connect to a septic system or a dry well.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates Class V motor vehicle waste disposal wells under 40 CFR 144 and 146, and established a deadline of January 1, 2007, for the closure of all such wells, unless they were connected to a sanitary sewer system or a new treatment technology was installed.  We have worked with clients who received notices of violations for not meeting the requirements of this deadline.

If you are not sure how these rules may apply to you, and would benefit from a site visit to discuss your options, let us know.

If you have been inspected by a representative of the EPA or received correspondence from the EPA regarding your Class V motor vehicle waste disposal well, please contact us to discuss your options.

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