Environmental/Aug 31, 2015

DEQ Launches MiWaters — New Online Water Resources Permitting and Information System

MiWaters (pronounced “My Waters”) is a new web-based information system recently rolled out by the DEQ’s Water Resources Division (WRD), designed to manage all of the WRD’s compliance and permitting activities in the groundwater, NPDES, aquatic nuisance, Part 41 wastewater construction, and water resource permit programs. The MiWaters site can also be utilized by the public to gain information on WRD’s permitting program, keep up with public notices, hearings, and other related events, as well as access documents related to permit applications submitted under one of the WRD programs. The site can also be used to report spills, pollution or other unauthorized activities (e.g., filling a wetland). A regulated facility creates an online account and can then access various DEQ documents related to its activities, as well as see any violation(s) associated with its site. Online tutorials are available to assist with establishing an account, maintaining your site profile, locating an appropriate application, submitting an application or request, and submitting a report (including discharge monitoring reports). Facility documents are available to the public when DEQ has completed processing of that record. Examples of records that may be accessed by the public include inspections, permit applications, issued permits, and enforcement actions. MiWaters also interfaces with EPA’s NPDES database and provides updates of information/data required by EPA. If questions arise that aren’t answered by the online help menu, the appropriate WRD district personnel should be contacted. DEQ anticipates that previous interface issues between EPA and DEQ databases will be greatly improved with this new program.

The MiWaters home page can be accessed by clicking on the following link:



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